Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Embarassment of Riches -- yes and no...

I think I'm out to about Plan F or G now. My financial advisor ... well, advised me (that's what they do, eh?) to put off for as long as possible my draw from Social Security. She said that even though I'm able and even willing to work part- or full-time now, in my early 60s, that won't always be the case, and how would I feel having to hold down some kind of job in my 70s because I started SS too early? "Hi, welcome to WalMart." Point made.

Activity in several arenas over the past week or so. My son's still up in the air about their plans after their house burned down, so we've been accepting clothing donations to take down to them the next week or two. I got a call last week from a non-profit I'd really be excited to work for and had a job interview yesterday. I think it went pretty well and should hear back from them soon about the final interview - and would be very pleased and excited to work for this group.

While I was digesting that good news, I also got a message from another company to which I'd sent a resume and they're interested in talking to me if I'm still looking. Remember, I've been searching diligently for a replacement job since the first of the year and more casually for months before that and these are the first interviews I've even been invited to. So I'm feelin' good...and will feel better and best when I get the job offer from the non-profit.

I've also become part of a 'writing round-robin' with friends in Mexico and California. We circulate a set of "writing prompts," three random words that must be used in a quickly-written short story, and then we circulate the stories among ourselves. It's a ball. Last week's prompts were basalt, birdhouse and ballerina and one of the women wrote a story that, I swear, every other word started with 'b'. It was literately and literally alive with 'b'ees. This week's are parking lot, marshmallows and envelope. I've got a story going that's very "Guy Noir meets Big Lots." It should be fun.

Hear about the gull
who tried to stand on a fish?
He fell off his perch

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