Wednesday, September 30, 2009

...and it came to pass -

In the world of haste
busyness calls out your name
come back to the form
A couple weeks since the last entry... Much has changed. I interviewed well, was offered and accepted the job, so now I'm working in Bloomington instead of 75 miles away. Yay! In fact, I'm about a mile and a half from home instead of an hour and a half. I'm happy, my wife is happy, our cats are happy. I think even my new employer is happy with their decision.
Now I'm being paid to be in class, learning the ropes and regulations. Then I sit for a state test which, if I pass (as I am confident I will) moves me into a phone center and earns me a 17% raise immediately. Presto, my income's replaced -- plus, since I'll no longer incur the expense I had of travelling to the other job, to say nothing of much lower wear and tear on both me and my truck, I'm ahead money, time and stress.
I feel I now will have time to more fully participate in the community events and life I've so dramatically missed this past nine months of commuting. I'm considering volunteering for a YMCA board position, can begin to go to the church mens' group again, and get together with friends here in town. And, among other writings, I can resume my blog and my haiku. And continue with the snailmail round-robin of writing from word prompts with the two friends I mentioned earlier. I just sent them my latest installment, in fact, which was along the lines of a Mickey Spillane bete noir episode. Karen's, as frequently is the case, was quite different in feel as well as subject.
She and I are also mulling the idea of starting a similar writing group here in town, perhaps from among our church circle but perhaps a wider venue than that. I think it would be fun. Actually, as it happens, one of the other new employees at my new job also is a poet although I'm not entirely sure he knew what haiku was when I asked him the other day. His forte is free-verse but hey, creativity in writing is at the core of both. Could be a fun contact to explore.
Good to be alive
in all the golden beauty
this late summer day

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