Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's new?

Flash and bang at night
rain falls in slim silver strands
I stand, mouth open
It's been raining pretty steadily for the past two or three days. Some streets hold pools of water half a foot deep, hazards for both drivers passing through as well as people walking past. I am much more insulated from the effects of driving in this kind of weather now that I no longer make the long trek down to Jasper. Yay, again!
My new job is going well....very well. After a week in school being exposed to the information I'd need in order to pass the licensing test and become an insurance agent, we were allowed individual study time. A number of us formed study groups to run through multiple variations of quizzes and mock tests. I sat for the actual licensing test a couple days ago and passed with a wide margin.
That out of the way, our time now is divided between getting a jump on the in-house product training and plugging into real-life phone calls to get a feel for the dialogue, Q & A, and screens experienced by agents already on the job. Both segments of this schedule over the next two weeks is going to be necessary and valuable. But in the meantime, I'm also assisting some of the people who didn't pass the licensing test their first time so they'll have a better handle on what they may have answered incorrectly and a better chance to pass it on their 2nd try.
I think I'll like this job, and not only because I feel I'm going to be good and therefore do well at it. It's a good group of people, very friendly and helpful since they've all been newbees. Now, if this rain would only stop so we can have a little more time in Fall. I just have to get out into Nature before we get locked into Winter!
Sunny wooded glade
squirrels chuckling in the trees
flash of a bluebird


  1. Lightning does its thing
    Crashing down on upturned face
    Your hair fricasseed

    Bro Bill

  2. Hello Bills' brother. :o)
    It sounds as though you are having a great time learning new things and pushing forward for new experiences. We are having our share of rain here in the UK, the drizzly wet stuff! (haha, I sometimes describe rain as the wet kind but I think there are so many different degrees of wetness!)
    I'll call again... just to see if there are any more chuckling squirrels!