Sunday, October 25, 2009

Seniors? WHAT seniors?

All spirits listen
when master or beginner
writes one-breath poems
Not much poetry-writing lately, as I'm busy learning my new job. I studied hard during classes, passed the Indiana health insurance licensure exam and have sailed through each required exam of the in-house training sessions. Now I'm "on the floor," on the phones calling out to our current clients and receiving incoming calls from those wishing to investigate other features of our insurance plans.
It's not as dry as it sounds. In fact, it's kinda fun talking with these "seniors," which is our niche market. The company I work for sells Medicare Advantage plans, those Medicare-approved insurance programs which work hand-in-glove with Medicare itself to more fully insure the elderly and other Medicare beneficiaries.
We're licensed, as a company, to do business in 45 of the 48 contiguous states, so calls roll in from all over the country. One minute I'll be talking fast with somebody from New York as though they're on a deadline and three minutes later it'll be a person with a thick Creole accent from Louisiana. One woman offered to cook me crabcakes if I came down to visit her - she lived actually south of New Orleans. Another woman had three cockatiels screeching in the background...actually, she said, it was only one who screeched when she was on the phone and the other two went quiet. "But," she said, "when the Days of Our Lives theme song came on, they all went crazy!"
The Medicare 2010 enrollment season begins 11/15, so I'll be busy from then to the end of March 2010 -- we'll ALL be quite busy -- so my blog entries may be short and infrequent (but I hope sweet, especially the verse). I will try to keep in touch, though, for the benefit of both of my fans .....
Heading off to lunch
robin with a worm in tow
small feet moving fast

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