Friday, November 13, 2009

Back home again and loving it

Cat - swift, smart, alert -
supple tail in the air
soft paw on my cheek
How I enjoy being home again! Even though I'm busy at work now, and looking to get much busier when the 2010 Medicare enrollment period begins this coming Sunday, I get to come home straightaway from work and there's my wife, Karen, waiting in the living room. There are our cats, also waiting for me, including my long-time bud Tanka. He'll be 18 years old this coming birthday in March and he's been a constant companion -- helping me make drums when we lived in Durango, rattles when we lived in Scottsdale -- and the simple pleasure of hearing his purr when he curls up into my lap brings a smile to my face every time.
Karen is still liking her job although there are some challenges. She loves getting out each day, driving to appointments, meeting new people in the course of performing her duties -- and quite frequently is able to reconnect with old friends as part of those tasks, which is a bonus.
And then we get together at the end of the day and that, for me, is the value of making this employment switch. I'll post again after the Medicare season has progressed a bit and let you know how I'm faring. I think now I'm going to get a bite of breakfast before I get to the office.
Bagels, hot and fresh
Wait just a New York minute!
Schmear, capers, lox - yum!

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