Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunlight, warm me up
Starlight, bring me your best dreams
Open up my world
Lots of dreams coming to me lately. I had one last night wherein I was feeding four small redtail hawks, raising them, petting them along their heads and backs, watching them grow. Many of my dreams involve animals - in fact the first dream I remember was when I was about three when our family lived in Alaska.
In the dream, I was sleeping in my bed in this little room I had off the living room of our tiny house. A polar bear came into the house and started circling around through the rooms, looking for me. I knew the bear was there and I got out of bed and began circling too, in the same direction as the bear.
We began going faster in a circle, the bear running after me; then it got to be a game. I would run faster than the bear and catch up to him. He'd see me behind him and run faster, catch up to me, and then I'd spurt ahead and catch him again, as we ran faster and faster around the circle.
This dream initiated my quest for connection with the animal and spirit world around me, continuing now some 60 years later. Animals bring meaning and significance to our world, whether cats, dogs, birds, no matter whether domestic, wild or somewhere inbetween. I've gained more from an encounter with a squirrel out in the Colorado mountains than from any number of 'workshops' designed to 'help me sort out my life'. And don't even get me started on the importance of curiosity and humor in our lives, brought to me courtesy of a certain inquisitive pine marten. Even watching the actions and interactions of the cat members of our family lead me to a broader understanding of my own interactions with coworkers, family and friends.
Bears amid boulders
each round, each brown, and each slow-
rocks slower than bears

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