Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"The End is Near"

Woke to see the moon
last night, didn't know it rained
my feet are cold and wet

I spent quite a bit of time on the phone today: talking to Social Security, talking to my tax preparer, to a temp agency in Bloomington, to my wife. I even got some work done, thankyouverymuch.

Indeed I think the end is near. The missing link -- the only but crucial missing piece -- is a job that earns something in the realm of $15K a year. If that can be achieved working 20-30 hours, great; I'd love the time off during the week. If it means I'd have to work 30-40 hours, I could deal w/ that but would prefer the former. In either case, I do believe I will jump from my current ship and bring all of my Self back to Bloomington. Between the net of such a job and my SS check (even drawing it earlier than full age 66), I'll replace my current income. Side benefits: I'll be back home, among friends and family (Karen and the Kats); I'll experience much less stress than I now do; I'll cut my commute-related expenses by some $400 a month and wear-and-tear on my truck by a minimum of 800 miles a week.

Highest on this list, though, is being back w/ my family. It just does not work for me to live apart for 4.75 out of 7 days of the week, trying to jam everything into Friday evening and the weekend. Maintaining a household -- not to mention the house itself -- can be a challenge when I'm 'on-site'; and maintaining a full and meaningful relationship with Karen is, as MasterCard would phrase it, "priceless."

So I'm bending all my efforts to turn up something in the temp, temp-to-perm or long-term temp field, and have high hopes. I'm also still sending out resumes to jobs posted on several different websites I scour, announcements that come to me from newsletters or friends, and so on....things for which I qualify and would feel good. Something will break soon, I feel it in my bones.

I am home again
a slow walk on a fast day
just what I needed

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