Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How do I get from here to there?

Well. I never thought I would read a blog, much less write one. I wonder how many sites start out with just that phrase...? But my wife Karen encouraged me to just give birth this blog and see what life it would have and here I am, blogging.

Haiku is the focus of my blog-interest, so each day's post will feature at least one original haiku or tanka.

I've read haiku off and on through the years and always enjoyed the intimacy of feelings, immediacy of thought, and the creativity intrinsic to compressing all this energy into a three-line 17-syllable poem. I've only recently become acquainted with tanka, haiku's 31-syllable cousin (which adds two more 7-syllable lines to the 5/7/5-syllable haiku format). And even more recently have I begun writing my own verse, already accumulating a respectable gallery of poems. I'd love to be published, but my timing seems to be off; publishers I've contacted aren't accepting unsolicited manuscripts. If any publishers read this blog, my work is available: please contact me through a posted comment and we'll make arrangements.

A bit of "coincidence" - eighteen years ago, I named my little Maine Coon kitten 'Tanka'. He's grown into a fine, intelligent orange feline who now is alpha emeritus of our four-cat clan. Life was very much in flux for us when we saw three little kids offering a box of kittens in front of a Durango CO grocery store. Wondering aloud which kitten I might want to adopt, I reached into the box. Tanka shot straight up my arm, perched on my shoulder and immediately began purring. I love mystery. In Lakota, the word 'tanka' bears the meaning "mysterious" or "unknown." For many native peoples, that which is unknown IS mysterious, and mysterious is to be held as sacred.
Life is exciting
One thing after another
Mysterious cat

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  1. Well Tim, this sounds like a promising blog here. I may drop by with an addition from time to time.