Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Green, so many shades,
subtle motion from this breeze
sharp, round and oval
stems, spikes, shoots, vines and pods
why ask more from this old path?
I haven't been doing much walking these last few weeks. One, I slipped at work and wrenched my back; and two, I've been writing this blog and to do that, I have to stay within range of one of the few wifi networks in this little community.

When I do get out, I enjoy the path along the Patoka "River," one of the mud-colored 20-feet wide flows of water they call rivers here. Even though it's clearly not a clear mountain brook, there's always much to see: dandelions, all manners of bugs, rabbits & other creatures, wild grape strangling the young saplings of tulip trees. All of it fodder for thought, and thus potential inspiration for haiku or tanka.

A ring of black ants
surround a centipede corpse,
come to take him home

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